dental tech.

Joanna Trybuła-Chmielewska

Active Member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

In dental technology, ceramics gave me the greatest scope for artistic expression. To this day I am fascinated by the possibilities it offers , layers, transparencies, translucencies, opalescences, play of light, texture, surface. A small living work, a sculpture that becomes someone’s smile.

It’s fascinating to discover new techniques and possibilities offered by new materials and technologies, DSD, CAD/CAM is my toy in my daily work, and working directly with the patient and the sparkle in his eye when he gets a new smile is the best feeling. Knowing that, using the right tools, I can give the patient work that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but fully functional, gives me great satisfaction and a motor to explore the arcane knowledge of occlusion. After being appreciated by VieSid and accepted as a teacher, I found a new professional path and we started a new School of Smiles project. Sharing knowledge gives new energy and professional satisfaction.


  • 1997 Graduation from Medical Vocational College in Poznań
  • 1997 Beginning work at the Tribula Prosthetics Laboratory
    During medical school at the age of 20, I was forced after my dad’s accident to take over the entire laboratory with a team of technicians. I found in the work of a technician a lot of connections with art, which interested me so much and decided to follow this direction.
  • 1998 Participation in SALMED and CEDE medical fairs
    We were the first atelier to exhibit for years at the SALMED and then CEDE dental fairs in Lodz. From the beginning on a stand designed by ourselves.
  • 2002 Winning the prize in the competition for the poster of the prosthetic laboratory as an art form
  • 2003 Professional specialization
    After numerous courses and participation in lectures for both technicians and dentists gaining first degree professional specialization and the title Dental Technician Authorized First Degree – specialization of permanent works, granted by the Supreme Technical Organization Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT.
  • 2008 Transformation of the Prosthodontic Laboratory Trybuła in Trybuła Labor.
  • 2013 VieSID Diploma
    First Polish graduate dental technician of the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry VieSid Prof. R. Slavicek.
  • 2013 Co-owner of Ceramik Studio Sopot.
  • 2014 Founding of Smiles Architects of Smiles.
    Merging our two companies into a new family brend Smiles Architekci Uśmiechu.
  • 2014 Active member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry PASE.
  • Accepted as an active member after presenting her own work at the PASE conference
  • 2017 VieSID accreditation 2017
  • Since 2017 among the lecturers of VieSid , after performing 180 full bite reconstructions according to the concept of Prof. Skavick received VieSID accreditation for training of dental technicians in Poland, 2nd place in the Poster Case competition during the international conference VieSid Summer School Vienna
  • Since 2017 Lecturer at conferences and scientific congresses, among others
  • PTTS Łódź “Prosthodontic work planning – Procedures of cooperation with prosthetic laboratory”.
  • Natrodent Łódź “Ceramics of XXI century ceramic sestems”.
  • Optiden congress “Dental technician – digital craftsman?”
  • PTTS Gdansk 3 Dens “Individual treatment algorithms as a key to achieving predictable results in implantoprosthetic treatment – through the eyes of a dental technician”
  • Global “Aesthetics AND function in implantoprosthetic work”
  • PTTS Pabianice “Natural tooth morphology AND function from a histoanatomical point of view. What the dental technician can reproduce.”
  • ITI Symposium Poland, lecture “Occlusion AND Aesthetics – Planning Prosthetic Work”.
  • 2018 School of Smile
  • Starting a new project to spread high-level knowledge mainly for dental technicians, but also for prosthodontists. I seek out the best foreign lecturers and practitioners and also share my own knowledge and experience gained over 20 years of work. As the only technician-teacher in Poland, I conduct accredited training by VieSid for dental technicians in gnathology and occlusion in interdisciplinary dentistry, training in biofunctional planning of prosthetic work, courses in wax-up and modeling of teeth according to natural morphology and anatomy with preservation of function, and application of ceramics with the OpalTechnique method developed by us, which imitates the histo-anatomical structure of natural teeth. The entire program creates an educational continuity from the basics to very advanced topics.