Catalog of PASE membership benefits


Benefits for supporting members

Make proposals on all matters relating to the objectives and operation of the Association
Make demands to the bodies of the Association
Hold the Association's card and benefit from the Association's recommendation and care in its activities
Take advantage of other opportunities provided to its members by the Association
Membership in the club of an exceptional group of some of the best Polish dentists
Simple, two-step and candidate-friendly new member intake process
Preferential terms of participation in events organized by PASE
Complimentary participation in the Association's annual December members' wafers meeting
Standardized as to form and scope, the possibility of using the PASE mark
Listing of membership information on
On to have a landing page with a description of himself (BIO, qualifications, publications) and the institution where he works - contact information, photos, video and links to www and social media
Publication of graphic case presentations on social media profiles belonging to PASE - 1 presentation per six months
One-time publication of the Association member's video business card on the Association's social media profiles
Take advantage of other opportunities provided to its members by the Association


Additional benefits for active members*

Passive and active electoral right to the authorities of the Association
Use the Association's assistance and facilities free of charge
Publication of a video presentation of an association member's facility on the association's social media profiles (once every 2 years)
Use of the Association's membership database and newsletter to send their lecture and/or training plans - 2 times a year
Free participation in the annual PASE congress in June
Free admission to the Gala Party at the PASE Annual Congress
Organizational support of the Association for PASE members in crisis or dispute cases (also applies to District Medical Boards and other institutions).

*active members also receive the benefits of supporting members.