What unites us is that we all work
In the service of the patient's beautiful smile

Who are we?

The Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry was born out of the passion and passion of a few doctors who, as Founding Members, established PASE, and continue to infect the next generation of graduating dental faculty to this day. We strive to ensure that PASE members, being the professional elite, also exemplify the highest ethical standards. Our workshops and conferences raise the bar very high – invited lecturers are leaders and mentors of world dentistry.

Cultivating the tradition of the organization, we place the greatest emphasis on interdisciplinary treatment, combining many fields of dentistry, physiotherapy and general medicine. The Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry is a place to blur differences. It is a place where each of us co-creates the progress of Polish dentistry. You should also be together with us. It is really worth it!


The vision behind PASE is to raise the organization’s profile, promote its members, educate and assist together. We know that for many of you dentistry is not just an everyday activity, but most often a passion. Looking to the future, we invite new members to join the Academy. How to join the ranks of PASE? Below in the attachments you will find all the necessary information.