Piotr Puchała

Vice President of the Board of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

He is a passionate practitioner of microscopic endodontics and microsurgery. Since 2006, he has been performing endodontic treatment under the microscope. In his daily work he uses the most technologically advanced OPMI PROergo dental microscope from Carl Zeiss.

Author of numerous press articles in the field of endodontics. Active Member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (PASE). In 2009 he created the concept of microscopic practical training “Creative Endodontics” and was one of the first in the world to use gold coatings on nickel-titanium alloy (NiTi) completely changing the properties of rotary instruments. Research on coatings resulted in the introduction of cofferdam brackets in black and gold, which gave dental photography a new dimension.

Co-author of the brave doctors’ guides in Kashamanna Publishing’s books “Why do adults have weird teeth?”, “Why do children eat junk food” and “Why do adults have weird teeth? A More Toothed Edition II.” In 2016, Dr. Puchala’s post illustrating comprehensive endodontic treatment was selected as one of the top 3 among hundreds of cases in the prestigious Style Italiano Endodontics group.