"Open bite recurrence and retention, a challenge from both biomechanical and treatment planning perspectives - observation after 10-20 years."

Rafi Romano

Most adults with an open bite have previously received orthodontic treatment in their teenage years. Recurrence is caused by several factors, including myofunctional aspects and lingual habits, but also unstable occlusion and an inadequate treatment plan.
The lecture will discuss a number of cases of varying severity and provide guidelines for correcting open bite.

CV Dr Rafi Romano

Dr. Rafi Romano, a specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics (Hebrew University, Hadassah Jerusalem), maintains a private orthodontic practice in Tel Aviv, with emphasis on adult and esthetic orthodontics.
Dr. Romano is AAO Ambassador representing the Israel Orthodontic Society. He is an Active Member of the EAED (European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry). He is the editor of five books:  Lingual Orthodontics, (Decker, 1998), The Art of the Smile (Quintessence, 2005), The Art of Treatment Planning (Quintessence 2009), Lingual & Esthetic Orthodontics, (Quintessence 2011) and The Art of Detailing, (Quintessence, 2013).

Dr. Romano is a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry – IJED, is former Editor-in-chief of “Orthodontics: The Art and Practice of Dentofacial Enhancement,” Quintessence Publishing and former Editor of the Journal of the Israeli Orthodontic Society.
He is an Invisalign Diamond Provider, an Advisory Board Member for Align Technologies, and lectures worldwide on esthetic orthodontics and adult multidisciplinary orthodontic treatment.