Hanna Marcinowska

Active member of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry
Co-founder of the Polish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

She graduated from the Poznan Medical Academy in 1992, and began her professional work in 1992 at the Poznan-Wilda State Hospital, and since 1993 has been working in her private dental practice. She continued her education in foreign scientific centers. She completed a course at the Straumann Institute in Switzerland in 1996.

She continued her education in implantology and bone augmentation methods with Prof. Tetsch, Dr. Grimm and Dr. Fouad Khoury in Germany and with Dr. J.Russo at SCU in the US. Graduated from the Implantology Curriculum at Dr. Carl Misch’s Institute in the USA, along with practical classes – assisting in private practice 2010-2011. In 2010, she did an individual internship in Israel at Dr. C.Landsberg’s practice assisting him with peri-surgical procedures. Since 2011 Diplomate ICOI.

She is currently co-owner of the GlamSmile Clinic in Poznan, which she runs together with her husband. Her most important areas of professional interest are periodontology and dental surgery in the context of comprehensive patient treatment. She completed postgraduate studies in aesthetic medicine.

In addition, she is a Founding Member of PASE, a member of the Polish Society of Periodontology and the Polish Society of Laser Dentistry. She also completed postgraduate studies in Aesthetic Medicine for Doctors. At work, she follows new technologies and opportunities in dentistry, not forgetting that we treat people and not just their teeth. Privately, she appreciates the opportunity to live an active lifestyle playing golf, tennis and sailing.